The trailer for the upcoming James Bond film better explains why the producers had to destroy not one, not two but seven DB10 during the filming of scenes. First of all the main bad guy rides a Jaguar C-X75 and the other bad guys shoot the DB10 from almost any angle.

Don’t forget that the Aston Martin DB10 is a model that was produced in only 10 copies specifically for James Bond Spectre. The cost of those 7 destroyed models totals to about $36 Million. The film’s total budget is a little over $300 Million. That’s almost a tenth of the total budget!

Chief stunt coordinator, Gary Powell, explained how some of the cars were destroyed. He said that only in Rome they burned a few million dollars. The cars were going at speeds of 110 mph and they had to shoot for an entire night just to create 4 seconds of movie material.

Judging by the magnitude of destruction, the film promises to be awesome. You won’t expect less from a James Bond movie anyways!

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