Italdesign Aston Martin Twenty-Twenty Concept – back to 2001!

Watch out for this open top car coming directly from Aston Martin, called Twenty-Twenty. This car was built in 2001 and is the logical continuation of the Capsula car (1982) and Structura (1998).

The esthetics and technological features of this car are both as important. First, the aluminum structures directly influence the route of the car, as well as its pace. The rest of the details which are comprised in the upper part of the car reveal the entire engineering details, while extruded aluminum is used to reflect the lights.


Twenty Twenty is based on the DB7, when it comes to the mechanical specs. The engine is 12 cylinder, middle positioned, with 6 phases, able to produce 500 hp.

Twenty-Twenty-Concept-3 Twenty-Twenty-Concept-4 Twenty-Twenty-Concept-5 Twenty-Twenty-Concept-7 Twenty-Twenty-Concept-8 Twenty-Twenty-Concept-61

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