Audi RS5 is transformed into a rage on wheels.

One of the most noticeable things of this tuning package is tinted headlamps, within which are LEDs that can change their colors – from red to blue,  this experiment is meant to upset Audi RS5 fans, which is  created with utmost care by tuning workshop OSS Designs with those from Vossen Wheels.

The package is completed by a set of 20 inch wheels VVSCC5 Vossen, new side sills, a rear diffuser spoiler, incorporated flared fenders with air intakes and a spoiler into the boot lid. We cannot miss here that in many countries, tinted headlights are illegal, however, it deserves to recognize that OSS Designs has created something impressive, especially if we take into calculations that this is the first time when they try something like that on an Audi.

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