A BMW driver is blocking the road of an ambulance on a highway in Russia. (Video)

USA is known as the land of opportunity and Russia, the country where everything is possible. You could say that is the same, except that in the video below, you’ll see a situation that only occurs FR happen and not in any other democratic country.

A typical day for an ambulance driver starts with an emergency. Whether it’s on the way to the patient or to the hospital, the men behind the wheel are constantly in alert. That is why the law has empowered with special rights among the drivers when on mission and they equipped with sound and light signals. All these were made with one purpose, to save lives.

But when no siren is operated and no special lights, the ambulances turn into “simple” cars who obey traffic rules without exception. The ambulance driver from the images forgot about this, which is why another driver M6 Coupe driving a BMW was quick to remind him the “rule”.

The latter appeared annoyed at being reduced speeding ambulance on the first strip on a highway near Zelenograd. And as the first tape is intended only for overtaking, the M6’s driver said that is appropriate to give him a lesson. What followed in the video below.

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