Following Google and Microsoft, BMW is launching its own version of digital glasses!

Giants of modern technologies want us in the virtual world. After Google and Microsoft have twisted our minds with all kinds of gadgets, including virtual glasses, the Bavarians announced they want a say in this segment!

“A very important accessory for all BMW drivers” this is the short description from BMW officials. The official debut of the new digital glasses is scheduled in April 2015, when we will find out exact details about the optical miracle.

Among loads of “extremely useful” functions, the new glasses will be of great benefit to drivers when they perform parking maneuvers. They will be able to see everything that is happening around the car, thanks to pictures from cameras installed on the machine and played directly in the glasses. Furthermore, the glasses will not only protect the driver from sun but will also display current speed and consumption, or other information deemed vital by authors of the project.

Since there’s room for improvement, the engineers at BMW have thought that the glasses should also be used outside the car and this clearly indicates that they will compete with glasses from Google and Microsoft!

We can only wait for April when the official presentation takes place to find out the cost of BMW’s first virtual glasses.

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