Tesla Model S the most powerful version P85D was the star of many races that managed to put a bunch of supercars on their knees.

And now she chose another victim, hybrid BMW i8. Even at the start, the difference in horsepower (kWh) favors the American sedan, though the outcome is worth watching.

Even if they are from different worlds and have been designed to serve different purposes  those in DragTimes did not hesitate to put them in front of the public for a showdown. The American sedan weighs over two tons but has the advantage of lower power (691 hp and 931 Nm), being moved only by electric motors and thus ensure their supremacy at the starting place.

On the other hand, the BMW i8 is armed with a 1.5 liter turbo engine assisted by an electric motor and put the wheels just 362 horsepower and 570 Nm of torque, but the advantage is Bavarian aerodynamic silhouette that can be decisive in the race made the move, which you can see below.