BMW also got caught up in the emissions scandal! X3 emissions exceeded the stated limit!

In a report made earlier by the Germanic magazine AutoBild, the International Council on technicians Clean Transportation revealed “false” results, obtained in exhaust emissions test performed on the new BMW X3 model of the Bavarian company. They said the xDrive20d version is up to 11 times more harmful than pretend to be!

Immediately after this test, the Company’s share prices fell by 8%, while Volkswagen had already lost $ 25 billion due proportions scandal known as Dieselgate! BMW but denies all charges and says he did not use any software to trick the emission testing.

Quote of, Peter Mock, one of the initiators of the emission test with John German, claims that all the data recorded so far by the NGO he heads indicated that Volkswagen is not the only manufacturer that fooled the emission tests!

The officials communicate of the BMW informs us that “it is not known how the X3 has been tested by Autobild bags for ICCT, and therefore these results can not be explained.” Especially in these tests were included BMW X5 and another 13 models equipped with diesel engines and ultimately proved that comply with the rules.

Even so Alexander Dobrindt, the German Minister of Transport, urgently requested to check all the diesel models in the Volkswagen range and diesel versions of the other German producers.

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