This Bugatti Veyron Grand Sport Vitesse is for Sale.

It’s not secret that the Bugatti Veyron is a dream car, and many of us want one.
We’ve found a pretty attractive offer on a car sales website in Europe.

Moreover, this car is not just a Veyron, but Veyron Grand Sport Vitesse, which comes with 1201 horsepower, with 200 horses more than a standard Veyron.
The price is about. $ 3,277,509. We say he deserves.

If you are interested see more details here:

$_57 227-8caab37cdcd53f21ad4203234290b758 328-18377539c1ad20051831478f8348cc1b 362-05eb198c8feed1613492ff8ee489fd1e 691-2838bc5a973410444fc9d7cf7aaa53e2 748-56dbf5c2125818aee600c1d31256eded 857-edfe4f43a3061ad3735520fa08194964


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