Diesel cars in DANGER. Some might disappear from the market.

Diesel engine emissions are not measured in traffic, but in laboratory conditions, and the EU wants to change this.

Studies show that traffic actually, the nuisance are larger and then the configuration must be changed to bring them within legal norms. It means costs that transfers the to the consumer.

Car manufacturers are thinking with horror that this project could become a law. Diesel cars are especially popular in Europe, where is half of the vehicles fresh sold. Since September 2017 diesel engine emissions could be counted on the street. If after the test traffic, the level of these particles appear dangerously high, could be a very costly mistake for producers, design costs could increase by up to 400 euros per vehicle. Manufacturers series auto vehicles, which generally earns just 500 euros per vehicle, in a good year would be seriously affected, warns BNP Paribas. The report’s authors say that “for Diesel, game is over.” Some cars could be endangered while gasoline cars could gain a larger market share with zero effort.


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