Galpin Rocket – The Super Car That Will Teach The European Sport Cars A Lesson!

Galpin Rocket is one of the most gorgeous auto projects that basically represent a pushed to the limits Mustang. And the name fits it perfectly – Rocket.

We would like to analyze a little this project that has taught a respect lesson to lots of pedigree European sport cars.

932-80b1d47efa2dc74a8e512d76eae47b07Ford Mustang, the American legend, has managed to go through lots of tuning studios in very little time, with more or less convincing results. Nevertheless, once the Galpin-Fisker Rocket project has appeared, all the other tentative seem some child games.


The idea of this sport car was conceived by Galpin Auto Sports along with Henrik Fisker. Yes, that Henrik Fisker, who besides Karma, has worked at BMW Z8, Aston Martin DB8 and DB9. And you can notice all of his experience on Rocket.


Starting with a Ford Mustang, Galpin and Fisker have replaced every board of the body with carbon fibers (only the doors and the roof have remained unchanged), and modeled them for a touch of drama. Which is a big plus, considering Rocket’s shapes.

847-d55540b302b0aca502b8739002339fda It is uncertain how much weight the car has lost after the carbon fiber treatment, but we know that the 5 liters V8 under the hood produces 735 hp. And there is a manual gearbox in 6 phases.


Even if we don’t show the performance figures, anybody can understand that Rocket is the “supreme American muscle car”!

519-00d6a9401a8d6b97937e68c34070fad4 The price is the biggest surprise. Rocket has an “approximately 100 000 dollars” label, a very modest amount in relationship with the competitors. For example, a Jaguar F-Type R Coupe (V8, 550 hp) starts at 104 000 dollars. If you don’t insist on a V8, than there is the BMW M4 alternative, at the same price.

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