Here’s how a hyper car looks with 1700 hp!

PSC Motors Company is not known in the  automotive world but it seems that soon things will change, up on the launch of the hyper car’s SIN SP-200 CP 1700.

The automotive industry is a difficult one with  fierce competition. A few attempt to  muscle into this segment because the chances of success are very low. But this has not stopped people from PSC Motors who have big plans and want to make a name in the market by launching a hyper car of 1,700 hp.

The car will be called SP-200 and will have a SIN and 9 l engine 8-cylinder, naturally aspirated. It will work in pairs with an electric unit and a total power of both engines will reach to 1700 hp. The Mass of the car will not exceed 1400 kg and the gearbox will be a dual-clutch with 8 speeds. With these ingredients, the performance is more than impressive, the acceleration from 0 to100 will do in 2.8 seconds  and top speed is estimated at 450 km / h.


The manufacturer declares that the new hyper car will be unveiled in June this year

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