James Stunt – The Mysterious Wealthy Businessman

James Stunt

To begin with, who is James Stunt? He is the husband of Petra Ecclestone, daughter of Formula 1’s chief and a 33 year old businessman that nobody seems to truly know how he made his fortune. Not even his daddy in law.

We spotted him at the yearly Eco Charity event, that took place in the Bridgewater House, hosted by Sting’s wife, Trudie Styler and Posh Zac Goldsmith, Damian Aspinall, as well as Ruth Powys. This is a luxurious event, where only the wealthiest people ever are admitted.

So we started wondering: where did James take his money from?

2EE3B7FF00000578-3337885-image-a-48_1448757219632Known as an art collector and a successful businessman, Stunt has also made quite a fame through his generous charity acts. Nevertheless, he keeps on puzzling the world with his extravagant gestures and un-finishing money.

The mystery gets even darker when you see the number of bodyguards accompanying him and his wife Petra everywhere. Why does he need so much protection?

For example, in London, his limousine group is followed by a presidential bodyguard group. The same happens in California, where you can even spot the bodyguards carrying weapons.

His father in law, Bernie, is also puzzled about his son’s in law fortune. All he knows is that the money comes from buying and selling, and art has nothing to do with it.

But art does have a place in James’ heart. Take for example these gold bars, with Stunt & Co marked on them that have been donated at a charity event. Stunt & Co is the name of his recently created company.

Rumors say that Stunt’s fortune reaches the 3.6 billion dollars figure, a number that doesn’t seem to decrease along with his more than generous charity donations.

2EE3C74E00000578-3337885-image-a-25_1448756065408A recently performed research revealed that Stunt has had his share of failed businesses, which didn’t seem to affect his bank account whatsoever. The most obvious failure happened in 2009, when Heathorns, the British oldest book maker company, went out of business. Stunt was involved in the company. Stunt has been associated with Thomas Taule, who founded Heathorns. Another failure happened after Stunt had joined forces with Simon Gold and created the company Select Global Management, which was shut down after one year.

On the other hand, none of the conducted researches have managed to find any illegal matters related to James Stunt, which is sort of encouraging. He does have his share of unorthodox business manners, but maybe this is something characteristic to the best businessmen.

Stunt is solving his business affairs from a comfortable office in a luxurious building on Curzon Street, in Mayfair. His main company is now Stunt & Co, lead along with his brother, Lee. The business seems to be somehow related to art, but word says it is all limited to on paper.

Stunt has had a normal childhood in Surrey, Virginia Water, with parents not by far as rich as Ecclestone.

His friends say that he has a good heart and is very helpful in need. In the same time, he can be cruel and impolite, which isn’t surprising for such a wealthy man.

Allex Tulloch, a friend of James and vice-president at Stunt & Co, praises his boss for donating almost 1 million dollars to charity in one month only. He does admit that Stunt is accompanied by approximately 12 bodyguards, but he says that they are necessary for such an important businessman.

Stunt’s attorneys have motivated his increased security as a manner of preserving his matters and family as private as possible.
His friends say that it is no wonder that Stunt gets to be judged after having donated so much money to charity, because that is the cruel reality.

This mysterious businessman keeps on spreading mystery around him. All we can say is that at least we know he has a good side in him, judging after his acts of charity.

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