TVR will launch a new model. The first and only 250 copies are already sold!

The British Sports car manufacturer can boast of a bitter past, being some time ago being endangered, then, with the help of the investors managed to rise from the ashes.

Now TVR said it will launch in the near future a new Supercar, limited to only 250 units and all are already sold!

The Collectors from around the world but also the most loyal and diehard TVR car owners rushed to put their hands on the first copies of the revived company. That despite the fact that none of them has any idea how might look the new model. The British have invited to pay an advance in the amount of 5,000 GBP, equivalent to about 7,000 euros, an amount neither too low nor too high if we take into account that guarantees you exclusivity of being among the top 250 in the world!

Unfortunately not known any technical characteristics or performance machine that is capable of this, but we hope very much that this will become clear in the coming months.

Moreover, in addition to the model already “sold”, TVR is planning the launch two more new Sports cars, expanding the range to a total of three models, with British hopes to reassert itself among its competitors.

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