Chevrolet & Domino’s Reinvent Pizza Delivery!

Pizza Rocks! Delivery of hot pizzas to your home is even greater! But there is a problem. Sometimes pizzas get cold while getting delivered and cold pizza is not cool! Here come Domino’s and Chevrolet with an innovative solution called DXP.

DXP is a Chevy Spark converted into an advanced pizza delivery vehicle. It has a built in oven that keeps the pizzas hot at 140 degrees F. The DXP has one seat and compartments for different items like drinks, napkins and obviously pizza.


The car knows when pizzas are hot and lights up the roof. It features decals with driver’s name, pizza place address and other cool things.


The DXP is powered by a 4-cylinder engine and is very economical. About 97% of the pizza cars are already out there delivering orders.

chevrolet-pizza-delivery-3 chevrolet-pizza-delivery-4

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