Chevrolet Corvette: If you invest money in a V8small-block hidden under the hood of a muscle car, why not pay even more to represent its wild nature?

The first thought you might have when seeing this Chevrolet Corvette C7 would be… a poisoned frog (Dendrobates Leucomela), whose colors warn you of the presence of toxins in its body. The analogy in this case, should focus on “poisonous” and not “frog”. Glad we cleared that.

Chevrolet Corvette

This Chevrolet Corvette that wants to send a clear message to anyone around. If you are not intimidated by the gold foil, the chromatic yellow-black colors and/or by Forgiato wheels, this Corvette specimen may use its V8 to burn the rear tires engulfing the uninvited guest into a cloud of thick smoke.

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