Kia will present a new concept in Seoul!

This weekend is scheduled the official opening of the Seoul Motor Show, which will mark the beginning of a new concept developed by Kia.

Its name is – Cube and it`s the second Kia concept of this year after the little Provo, presented earlier this month at the Geneva Motor Show.

The concept is a four-door compact coupe, with a maximum length of four meters. A teaser image and an official statement precede the design and describe the lines as “fashionable, trendy and urban”.

The picture published by the Koreans unveils the front LED lights, similar to those already used by the K9 and Quoris flagship. More information and pictures will be available later this week.

AC Schnitzer presents two new projects!

AC Schnitzer, the famous German tuning company, prepared for the highly anticipated Swiss show two absolute premieres, namely two tuning programs dedicated to the BMW 3 Series Touring and BMW 6 Series Gran Coupe models, equipped with the M Sport package.

The modified version of the 4-door Bavarian coupe stands out due to the contrast striking exterior, obtained by combining the matte brick-red-colored body with numerous stylistic elements made of carbon fiber – the extension attached to the front spoiler and the air diffuser integrated into the rear spoiler.

The modified version of the 3 Series Touring model is distinguished by the same brick-red shade. The specialists from Aachen have not endowed it with the front spoiler extension, the inner part the rear spoiler was endowed with, respectively the carbon fiber spoiler newly installed in the top.

The both new creations made by AC Schnitzer are highlighted also by the chromed inserts applied across the front spoiler central air outlet, by the generously sized wheels, by the unique design of the exhaust system tips and by the interior accessorized with multiple elements finished in the same matte red-brick color.

Mitsubishi is coming to Geneva with two new concept cars!

CA-MiEV foreshadows the concept of a new generation electric vehicle which will offer high-density energy obtained from a high-efficiency battery system. The concept is distinguished also by the fact that is equipped with a wireless recharging system. Thanks to the body that is built out of lightweight materials and the aerodynamics designed so as to experience the smallest force of air resistance, the CA-MiEV electric vehicle can travel up to 186 miles (300 km) per charge.

The second model, called GR-HEV, represents the concept of a sport utility truck (SUT) type vehicle, namely a sporty pickup equipped with a diesel-hybrid power system. The produced by the front-engine power is transmitted to the new generation wheel drive, equipped with the Super Select 4WD system, available also on the current Pajero off-roader, as well as with the Super All Wheel Control (S-AWC) one, meant to provide high stability traction and driving performance under all road conditions. The Mitsubishi officials say that the GR-HEV concept has a CO2 emission figure below 149 g/km.

More details will be revealed next month at the Geneva Motor Show.

The SsangYong SiV 1 Concept – the Brand’s new identity, debuts at Geneva!

SsangYong SiV 1 is a crossover that measures 4,500 millimeters in length and features a 2,700 mm (110 in) wheelbase. Despite its generous dimensions, the SiV 1 Concept has only four individual seats. This concept anticipates the future design language of the South Korea brand and represents an evolution of the e-XIV concept presented back in 2012.

The e-XIV concept had a length of 4,160 mm, a width of 1,790 mm and a height of 1,575 mm. Its wheelbase was relatively generous, 2,600 mm, which is a good enough value for the B-segment crossovers. The interior of this concept featured a variety of futuristic shapes and sophisticated materials. All the on-board displays were touch screens and the whole dashboard came with an attractive design.

A new concept from Mercedes-Benz: Vortex VRT

Since lately we have been introducing concepts created by Turkish designers, we continue the series with a concept created by Ugur Gokus. Shortly after the new A-class got launched, it became the inspiration for a concept that received a name at least as aggressive as its look.

In addition to extremely sporty and “nervous” design, Vortex VTR’s lines seem a bit deformed, as if we were looking at a reflection of the car.

Peugeot XRC Concept – a fantasy that manages to super impress

Peugeot XRC looks more like an RC car than something that has been designed to fit the proportions of a human body. It is a project designed by Brazilian Tiago Aiello, and unfortunate for humanity, has no chance of production.

Despite XRC being so radical that it would be almost impossible to design it, Aiello did a good job of keeping the new Peugeot grid and headlights style.

The concept is actually a single place racing off-roader and it seems Aiello imagined a series of journeys over sand dunes, gravel and over the plains covered with snow.

Overall, the concept absolutely amazes us with a cool design. Shameful but there is a thing called reality, an obstacle to this project.