Dacia announces a new engine for the famous Duster SUV. It is the powerful four-cylinder with a volume of 1.6 liters, meeting the latest standards of Euro 6.

The car manufacturer in Mioveni made it clear that the unity is not only modernized but is a completely new engine. So the naturally aspirated petrol station produces up to ten horsepower more than the unit that will replace, ie a total of 115 hp. And torque increased by 8 Nm, 156 Nm peak now measuring at 4,000 rpm.

Equipped with the new engine and the front-wheel drive version of Dacia Duster run up to the first hundred in 11.0 seconds on the dial, while all-wheel drive model is more cumbersome, requiring 12.0 seconds for the same period. However this was not the strong point of Duster, so we will not focus too much on time and seconds.

The engine can be coupled with a choice of one of two manual gearboxes with five or six speeds and the start – stop system is offered as standard. Previously, Dacia announced several enhancements to be about 1.5 liter dCi diesel unit, which allowed extracting an added 20 Nm of torque.