Audi and 4G internet, a premiere unique!


The first car in the world with 4G internets through LTE technology is Audi S3 Sportback. The system is given optionally and requires a SIM card connected to an operator that is providing 4G services. It can transform the car into a WLAN hotspot on the spot, alongside the Audi Connect services offered, such as internet radio, Twitter, Facebook and others.

The second Audi model of the range that will receive a standard LTE Internet is A3 Sedan.  The similar S3 Sportback model, the consumption of data realized by the vehicle will have to be paid by the owner and the owners will need a subscription service to give them a preferential price regime.

Concerning the competitive offers, BMW has the best chance to become the second manufacturer of premium cars that will provide 4G Internet on the board of its models, because it works since last year on integrating the Connected Drive technologies with LTE standard, the brand sources have confirmed that the launch will take place by 2015, in the same year General Motors will offer also models with LTE technology.  Talking about the availability of the premiere Audi on market the officials said that beginning by November this year, all A3 range can be ordered with support for 4G internet.