These Photos Of A Damaged Ferrari FXX Will Break Your Heart

A visitor at the Monza racing track in Italy, took some pictures of a damaged Ferrari FXX, with grass remains on its ruined front side.

The Ferrari has some impressive damages on the front and rear side. It is presumed that the driver lost control of the car and hit the protective barriers until it finally stopped. Nobody got injured, except the car, and probably the driver’s ego.

Damaged Ferrari FXX Monza Race Track Italy

Ferrari FXX has been released in a limited series of 30 cars and the marketplace seems to explode every time a second hand car like this goes on sale.

Damaged Ferrari FXX Monza Race Track Italy

This model is based in Ferrari Enzo and works on Nomex honeycomb with carbon fiber, rear and front aluminum structure and independent rear suspension.

Damaged Ferrari FXX Monza Race Track Italy

FXX produces an impressive figure of 789 hp and a torque of 686 Nm, all coming out the V12 engine, with a capacity of 6.3 liters. The maximum speed of the car reaches 345 km/h.

Damaged Ferrari FXX Monza Race Track Italy

2015 Ferrari FXX-K

The new 2015 Ferrari FXX-K made its debut at the Marina Circuit Yas in Abu Dhabi. This is the first Maranello hybrid model. The K letter in the car’s name stands for the JERS system.

2015 Ferrari FXX-K will not be used in races. The car comprises some of the latest technologies that are meant to provide an unforgettable driving experience.

The car’s performance is represented by two unique figures: the total power of 1050 cv (the V12 conventional engine providing 860 cv and the electric engine providing 190 cv) and the second figure being 900 Nm, which is the torque.

2015 Ferrari FXX-K The model features the HY-KERS system, which allows the driver to benefit of the best possible performance.

2015 Ferrari FXX-KThe aerodynamic details are present, including a twin profile spoiler and an oversized splitter. There are side skirts, a vortex and additional details included in the car’s body.

2015 Ferrari FXX-KThe aerodynamic ensemble brings a 50% improvement in the low configuration down force and a 30% improvement in the aggressive configuration.

2015 Ferrari FXX-K

A 3 Million Dollar Ferrari hit by a Barrier

We have heard about a Ferrari that came out quite wrinkled after an impact with a barrier. The incident happened in Italy. Although there is no video of the incident, the photographs there didn’t miss the chance to make some snap shots.
Based on the incident reports, it seems that this Ferrari FXX slid off the track over a patch of grass and hit a barrier.

FKX-accident It seems that the damages are quite serious, but the good news is that the car hasn’t been completely compromised. The front bumper and left wing are made of carbon fiber and thus, can be replaced. However, it appears that the engine was not damaged, which means that the car will be back on the circuit in a short time.FKX-accident-3 FKX-accident-2

Eight minutes of EARGASM aboard a Ferrari FXX K! (VIDEO)

I’m not a Ferrari FXX  K fanboy, but I must admit that absolutely all the Italian manufacturer of automotive creations are downright fascinating. And most excites me that are authentic, as Ferrari is not “bought” by any German or Chinese giant. This basically means nothing else ather than cars designed and constructed respecting the sacred traditions of Ferrari, with engine and unique technology borrowed directly from Formula 1!

When was presented the LaFerrari hypercar, Italians have given us to understand that this is the future of sports cars and hybrids that was no longer the realm of science fiction. As you know, the Supercar is animated by a naturally aspirated engine with a volume of 6.3 liters and paired with an electric motor that finally put the wheels back around 950 horsepower! And you think this is the pinnacle, a different edition, or rather a reincarnation. Ferrari FXX K, the amended version is just to fret precious seconds on the circuit!

Besides kilograms off and futuristic aerodynamic kit, Ferrari FXX K boasts more horsepower and more specifically with 1,036 hp! And the sound it produces is absolutely insane. Fortunately, someone named Nick, “let us” see how it looks, feels and most importantly how to drive this fireball on Imola circuit. So, I invite you to stop wasting your time and savor 8.19 minutes in 12-cylinder symphony!

How about a Ferrari FXX K brought as a gift for your birthday? (VIDEO)

If you were a woman, or rather if you were Benjamin Sloss’s wife, the man behind the giant Google, this feeling to you would be best known. This is because the man mentioned above, managed to surprise his wife with a unique gift, a Ferrari FXX K.

Known for his passion to racing and Supercars, especially those bearing the prancing horse on the hood, Benjamin Sloss surprised his wife again, even for her birthday. It would be promised a ride on Fiorano, Italy, aboard a Ferrari 599 XX. However, reached the spot, Benjamin revealed an extreme fireball Ferrari FXX K, which he had bought for his partner!

On its Google+ profile Benjamin posted a video in which his wife, driving fierce FXX K has managed to drive on the circuit in just over 1.20 minutes!

The Benjamin Sloss garage includes absolutely special cars such as Ferrari LaFerrari, McLaren 12C Spider, Ferrari 458 Special, Ford Raptor and a McLaren P1.