How NOT to modify a car: the Enzo Ferrari edition!

Enzo would certainly whirl in his grave if he became aware of how the Ferrari that carries his name has been transformed in some sort of Barbie Car.

When it comes to auto tuning, the Japanese have different tastes from what we are used to, most of them choosing to drive cars that exceed the good sense’s limits, esthetically speaking.

Obviously, everybody can modify his car however he wants to, but still… the cars do deserve at least some respect. Especially when they represent the progress of over 50 years of experience and excellence in the motorsports’ world.


One of the 400 Enzo Ferrari copies has been tuned so that it looks like a Barbie Car, just because the owner thought that pink would look good on it.


But that’s not all. The Italian car got itself a pair of mirrors decorated with the Italian flag, along with the replacement of the original 5 spoke wheels with 7 spoke, double black ones.


Let’s just hope that these ones will do their job just as well, since Enzo Ferrari is a car where you want all the components to be of a high quality. Don’t forget that the mid V12 engine, with a 6 liters capacity and 660hp reaches 100 km/h is exactly 3.65 seconds, with the maximum speed of 350 km/h.


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