This concept car is a gigantic machine powered by a V10 engine which can work with different kinds of fuel.

The engine is the star of this concept, being a Tri Flex, able to work on hydrogen, regular petrol or E85 ethanol. The first option is certainly the greenest one, releasing with up to 99% fewer emissions than when on fuel.


The Super Chief has a very wide cabin, enriched with wooden details, aluminum and leather, all of that enhanced with a glass roof. When inside this Ford, you’ll feel like you have just entered a glamorous coffee shop.


The concept is pretty high tech, including such technologies as Ford Blocker Beam, meant to diminish the consequences of an accident, by connecting to the frame of another car.


Nevertheless, the entire concept is directed towards enhancing the full capacity of the Tri Flex engine and brings Ford on the path to eco-friendly cars.

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