Ford Mustang RTR joins the brotherhood of 700 hp beasts!

When we thought downsizing became a trend, Americans (again) took the stage and proved the exact opposite. The specimen is a Ford Mustang RTR, a creation as foolish as it is strong.

It’s difficult to realize what Americans ate or dreamed before launching the line of performance models with 700 hp. After Dodge raised the stakes with Charger SRT Hellcat (the most powerful sedan in the world) and Challenger SRT Hellcat, the pilot Vaughn Gittin made sure that the new generation Ford Mustang becomes Mustang RTR.

Meanwhile, Ken Block has unveiled its new toy Gymkhana 7 – another Ford Mustang named Hoonicorn with 857 hp – but we will focus on the RTR version.

So Ford Mustang RTR (Ford Racing development division also contributed) has a clear target and is intended for people who want a stronger and more menacing Mustang.

It has two levels of power. If you choose the Spec 1 package, you receive aesthetic changes: aggressive front and rear spoilers, a rear diffuser, a redesigned front grille with integrated lights plus other decorative items.

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