Aldo Schurmann, a design student at IADD, has created this unique GMC Hotrod Concept as part of a university project. The aim was to create an American brand concept, completely different from what the producer usually releases.
The car comes as a beautiful blend of Camaro, Dune Buggy and Caterham 7, all of it powered by a front V8, which can be admired through the transparent glass hood. The engine is supposed to be connected to a six phase manual gearbox.

There is a glass cover, which acts as a roof, windshield and rear window, with no side doors or even windows. The general design of the car is pretty confusing, with nice and not so nice details.


It has a sportive attitude and due to the glass roof, it seems to be the perfect mean of transportation on a sunny day.

Schurmann says that the car can be customized, according to the customer’s desires.

GMC-Hot-Rod-concept-4GMC-Hot-Rod-concept-5 GMC-Hot-Rod-concept-6