The GMC PAD concept is the result of GM Design Studio’s efforts, providing the idea of a modern and comfortable means of transportation and on-road accommodation, withal.

You can actually look at it as a little condo, offering the sense of stability and free circulation, in the same time.
The vehicle is powered by a hybrid diesel-electric system, which is also conceived to work as a generator for the on board electric network. Thanks to the PAD resources management technology, the car can go on one single charge for weeks. The GMC PAD also has 6 square meters of photovoltaic cells which collect the sun’s energy.
The interior of the vehicle has all the necessary things for a comfortable apartment, with entertaining technologies and gadgets. OnStar navigation, Wi-Fi, XM Satellite and so many other high tech features will make spending time in the car anything, but boring.

GMC-PAD-concept-3There is even a cooking zone, a little kitchen, inside the PAD, which allows cooking and eating fresh food.

GMC-PAD-concept-5The PAD comes with a modular design, making the concept able to adopt various looks, proper for various roles, like a government car, a disaster response or anything else.


The team that has worked on GMS PAD consisted of: Frank Saucedo, Steve Anderson, Senon B. Franco III, Jay Bernard, Phil Tanioka, Sidney Levy, Brian Horton, Alessandro Zezza, Christine Ebner.