Honda NSX, known across the ocean as Acura NSX has finally unveiled its technical performance figures. We have waited too long for this, given that the car’s world debut took place back in January 2015, but the wait was worth it. NSX’s successor has some impressive perfomances.

The second generation of the legendary Honda NSX sports car comes with a hybrid power-train, consisting of an internal combustion V6 engine of 3.5-liters, and three electric engines. The company’s officials are talking about a total power of 573 hp and 645 Nm and, as you have probably realized, all the power is delivered to the wheels via the whole wheel drive and automatic transmission with 9 phases.


Curiously, two electric engines produced 36 hp and 73 Nm while the third one generates around 47 hp and 135 Nm, which means that the internal combustion engine is capable to produce “only” 454 hp. The car weighs 1,725 ​​kilograms, which is more than you would expect from a sports car, but even with so many kilos it manages to reach the first 62 mph in exactly 3.0 seconds! Not bad right? And the maximum speed is impressive, too – 190 mph!


The design of the car is pretty clear. The NSX looks extremely attractive, even if the car isn’t exactly the newest in town. The first orders for this car will be received only in spring 2016.


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