A Russian sued the Hyundai Company!

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An extraordinary situation in the Russian Federation. A citizen sued the Hyundai automobile company and asks the court to prohibit the import of such cars in the country.

The court from Rostov-on-Don city will decide if Vladimir Kulakov the owner of an Hyundai i40, which asks for 100 million rubles from the South Korean manufacturer for moral damage, but also banning the imports of Hyundai cars in the Russian Federation

The lawsuit was filed two months ago, after Kulakov claims that would have bought a Hyundai i40 sedan model, which had a jamming steering while driving, which led to the creation of dangerous situations and he endangered his life and his passengers – his wife and two children.

The defendant in the trial is not the parent company, “Hyundai Motor Company”, but the importer of these cars in Russia, “Hyundai Motor CIS” and plant “Auto Kaliningrad” SRL that handles the assembly of these cars in Russia.

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