SAY WHAT? THIS is a Hyundai? Rub your eyes and take a second look!

Unveiled at the Frankfurt motor show was this, the Vision G Concept. Not exactly what you would expect from the likes of economy car minded Hyundai!

As stated by Albert Biermann in a interview with TopGear “Our future model line-up will include performance oriented and race trace capable cars that will be full of energy”, he continued, “Yes. When you look at the Vision N 2025 on our stand at Frankfurt, that’s our vision point. At some point the future we will get closer to that, yes. We have to be ready for everything between now and the Vision N 2025. It’s a long road to go there, but we are going.”

Hyundai obviously has plans to remake itself and enter as many segments of the market as possible, and the “N” car is a shining example of that mentality.  With the competition in the industry, it is going to be a really tough road to follow, but the company is surely determined to get into the high performance market, so we will just have to wait and see if they manage to do it in baby steps or in a giant leap forward.

Hyundai_N_8 Hyundai_N_5 Hyundai_N_7

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