How would it be like if you park a Lamborghini even the window? Let’s say on the 30th floor? (VIDEO).

how to park a lamborghini

Many of us who live life to the apartment and has a car in the family and tries to find the luck every night in the hope of finding a parking spot in the courtyard of the building, when they return from work. Carefree are only the most “hardworking”, which enjoys a privately held, or in the best cases of a personal garage built entirely on the ground floor.

That of course if we talk about building a new type which is provided such facilities. But while you sleep quietly having your car safely, some of the richest inhabitants of the city-state of Singapore, can make even at the window!

how to park a lamborghini

And do not mention those businessmen who have luxurious villas on earth, but about the most modest, scratches accommodated in apartments in the clouds. For them, the architects have provided special parking spaces, and lift necessary for the machine to arrive at the floor where you’re staying! Aside from the inconvenience that you have to wait a few minutes’ drive brings you “or to see parked at the window, we must admit that nothing could be better than that!

how to park a lamborghini

Do you wake up in the morning and drink coffee next to a Lamborghini Aventador even waiting quietly “behind the door” while you watch the sunrise. It sounds like a story for us at home, but not for millionaires who already live it!

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