Lexus will not open a factory in China because they want to avoid potential quality problems!

Lexus will not produce cars in China to increase the sales, according Tokuo Fukuichi, the head of the Japanese premium brand.

Although China is the second market for Lexus in terms of volumes, the Japanese manufacturer does not want to open a factory because of the fear that the quality provided will not be adequate. So Lexus undertook to provide further models produced mainly in Japan for all markets, despite high import duties imposed in China.

The folks from Lexus produce their most cars in Japan, have a factory in Canada and plan the inauguration of a plant in the United States. The representatives of the Japanese manufacturer’s reasons for its decision not to produce cars in China because they are a young brand, launched in 1989, and it’s not as famous as Audi and BMW rivals.

The latter sell each one on the market in China at least five times more than Lexus, with factories in the country will avoid the import duties applied to the specific models.

All Infiniti rivals in China will start producing cars until the end of the year at a Nissan factory in Hubei Province, and Honda plans to produce Acura models premium brand in this country starting with 2016.

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