Limited Edition McLaren 12C To Be Auctioned.

The P1 is actually the second supercar that McLaren made. The first being the McLaren 12C.

Unfortunately, it wasn’t a very popular car. But things changed when the automaker decided to produce the High Sport limited edition of McLaren 12C.

McLaren 12C

They only built 10 vehicles and this particular one that’s being auctioned is chassis #9. It is finished in Vodafone racing livery, has carbon fiber package, carbon ceramic brakes and sports exhaust.

McLaren 12C

The 12C is powered by the original 3.8-liter twin turbo V8 that produces 675 horsepower.

McLaren 12C

Auction organizer, Mecum, says the car has only 208 miles on board, won a few awards and they expect a sales price between $1.3 and $1.8 Millon.

McLaren 12C

McLaren 12C McLaren 12C McLaren 12C McLaren 12C McLaren 12C

DMC brings a breath of freshness to McLaren 12C!

British supercar McLaren 12C is not produced anymore and was replaced by 650S model, but that doesn’t mean tuning shops can’t play with it.

German tuner DMC has brought to market an improvement package for the British supercar McLaren 12C, which was replaced last year by the new 650S.

The kit contains, among other things, a “skirt” for front bumper, redesigned grille for radiator, an air intake on the roof (which does nothing), a diffuser and a rear spoiler, a titanium exhaust and a set of 21-inch wheels. Of course, body parts were made from carbon fiber, because otherwise it would not be fashionable.

As for the 3.8-liter V8 engine, it was left alone and develops the same 600 hp.

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