Tuner Chrometec Showers the Mercedes AMG GT with Carbon Fiber.

Mercedes AMG GT is a very powerful and serious sports car that looks like a total badass. But if you want to make it even cooler you can spend $5,300 and add the AMG Exterior Carbon Fiber Package.


And for the owners that want to go all the way, the tuner Chrometec has good news. They prepared a tuning pack for the Mercedes AMG GT that fits it with even more carbon fiber and costs $9,404.


The carbon goes to front splitter, side flaps, wing flaps, rear wing and side skirts. These additions complement the already installed carbon fiber elements and parts such as: front spoiler lip, rear diffuser, grille frame, side fins and side-view mirrors.


So basically the Mercedes AMG GT is dressed in carbon fiber.


The double price for the Chrometec kit is justified by it being aerodynamic which might help with fuel efficiency and better handling.

Mercedes-AMG-GT-6 Mercedes-AMG-GT-7 Mercedes-AMG-GT-8 Mercedes-AMG-GT-9

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