The New C63 AMG Visits Vath. Achieves Amazing Supercar-Like Performances


The new Mercedes-Benz C63 AMG is far from a car that has a shortage of power. We say this because the German sedan is equipped with a monstrous 4.0-liter V8 volume, bi-turbo that develops at least 469 horsepower, all delivered to the rear axle.

But there will always be stronger and more powerful rival, that’s why there are tuning companies, to transform your car into one of them.

We are talking about Vath that offers in its new tuning program, an essential upgrade that propels your C63 in the league of Supercars. The kit V63S, which is based on the C63 S version, brings an extra 97 horsepower and 111 Nm, for a total of 601 hp!

In addition, the electronic speed limiter is removed and the speed ‘naturally’ limited at only 320 kmph! C63 AMGAnd to be sure that your engine retains its qualities for a long time, people from Vath installed an oil cooling system. And for everything mentioned above, they will ask for only $ 4,311!


Want more than that? No problem! There is the V63RS version, one that can make your tires ashes with a total of 651 (or 671) horsepower.Even a Lamborghini Huracan owner will feel intimidated by your presence. You can also opt for an enhanced braking system, 20-inch wheels or other toys that will turn your Mercedes into a genuine sleeper.


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