MG has launched a rival for the legendary Fiat 500 and Mini!

In 2006, the Chinese SAIC bought the British MG brand and entered into a reorganization process.

Following this, they have created their first car in this new composition – the MG6, which is not new because is based on the Chinese model Roewe 550. Now, the British come with a new premiere called MG3, which will enter into a battle with urban cars like Fiat 500, Mini One and Adam Opel.

Based on the MG Zero concept, the new MG3 will rely on the same personalization possibilities as its rivals and will only be available with a 1.5-liter petrol engine that produces 104 hp. On the UK market, the prices will start from around £ 10,000 and will stop around 16,000 pounds.

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