This Morgan Space concept is a two seated sports car, designed by the Georgian Vladimer Kobakhidze. The designer tried to bring into the spotlight a more modern version of the Morgan model, but without modifying its looks too much.

You may see some resemblance between the Space Morgan and 2005-2006 Aeromax Morgan, but we assure you that these cars aren’t very much alike. Space Morgan is curvier, with perfectly blending lines and arches. The wheel passages are more enhanced and the back of the car is beautifully fitted in the big sized side-skirts.

MORGAN_Space_2 - Copy

Morgan Space is still just a computer concept, looking good on paper. But the creator isn’t yet sure about the propulsion system. He does focus on the same system that has powered the latter Morgan models, however, like BMW V8, with a 6 phase manual transmission. So, there will be no surprise there if the Space concept would use the same.

MORGAN_Space_6 MORGAN_Space_5 MORGAN_Space_4 MORGAN_Space_3