Formula 1: Caterham and Marussia denied merging

World Championship Formula 1 may remain with only 10 teams this season, because besides the HRT team bankruptcy those from the Marussia have attempted a merger with the Caterham.

The two teams fought for 10th place in the ranking of manufacturers have tried to find a solution to reduce costs and to survive in a tough economic climate. Finally, the Marussia has not agreed with the conditions of the Caterham, so the idea failed.

Graeme Lowdon, the sporting director of those from the Marussia, confirmed the information about the possible merger.

“I can confirm that the talks have taken place. I wasn’t involved in them, but the conclusion was unacceptable for our shareholders, so nothing has happened”, he specified for SkySports.

The two teams didn’t wish to explain the reasons why they have not reached an agreement. The advantage of a merger was that the new resulting team would have practically guaranteed the 10th place in the ranking of manufacturers and its associated money from the TV rights.

Ferrari Getto – partly Hypercar, partly F1 simulator

Christophe Jourd’hui describes his concept, called Ferrari Getto, as a Hypercar of the year 2025, the creation of which was inspired by the current technology and has added a few small nuances of his own vision.

It is amazing that the French designer has managed to create a realistic concept, not at all exaggerated.


What we know at the moment about the Christophe’s concept is that he proposes to accentuate the offered to the driver sensations thanks to the interior similar to that reproduced by a Formula 1 simulator. To achieve this, Christophe proposes a “suspended” cockpit to “float”, secured to the frame by means of some movable arms and a spring system.


Moreover, because currently doesn’t exist technical details, it remain for us just to propose you to admire the Ferrari Getto concept in the photo gallery and in the video trailer.

Ferrari-Getto-1 Ferrari-Getto-3 Ferrari-Getto-2

Hamilton, the star of Ecclestone’s Christmas greeting

Bernie Ecclestone sends a Christmas card every year to every team in Formula 1.

The 82-year-old ignored Sebastian Vettel and Fernando Alonso, the two pilots who fought for the world title, and has focused on Lewis Hamilton, the star of one of the most spectacular transfers in recent years.

Thus, Hamilton appears on the postcard shortly after abandoning McLaren that had technical failures only to climb into a Mercedes-Benz driven by Niki Lauda, chairman of the board of the German team. Ecclestone suggested that one of the main reasons that Hamilton went to Mercedes was the money, because in the car was a bag of money.

Thailand could host a second night time F1 race!

Formula 1 could have two nighttime races starting with 2015 after Bernie Ecclestone verbally confirmed to include Thailand in the competition calendar.

Even if the Asian state hopes to enter the calendar in 2014, the one year postponement was unilaterally decided by Bernie Ecclestone, the representative of commercial rights holder of Formula 1. “They say 2014 and I say 2015. It is something serious and something good”, said the 82 years old Briton, quoted by the Wall Street Journal.

Thailand first announced its desire to host the F1 race in 2010 and rumors were amplified this fall after organizers identified and set the place where the circuit will be built.

Thailand will pay 27 million dollars for hosting the race, with funds provided by the Thai state and the energy drinks manufacturer Red Bull, a company that was founded in Thailand.

The comeback of Gumpert Tornante

The German manufacturer of super sport cars which recently undergone an insolvency, seems more determined than ever to launch the mass production version of Gumpert Tornante – an interesting concept car unveiled to the world last spring, at the Geneva Motor Show.

Gumpert Tornante (mass production version) stands out with a touch of elegance and sophistication compared to Apollo, while the exterior design remaining as controversial.

The interior remains a mystery because there are no images that show the interior of the German supercar.

As far as the technical details go, the only information available refers to the concept version, where sheet specifications indicate the presence of a V8 bi-turbo 4.2 liter engine that offers 700 horsepower and 900 Nm – values absolutely ​​sufficient for a maximum speed of 300 kilometers per hour.