The extreme racing version of the 911 GT3 model was discovered during of some tests on the snow and this means that not much remain till the official launch of the Sportcar.

Most likely, it will be launched at the Geneva Motor Show in the spring of the 2015. Compared to a GT3, the new RS comes with the front and rear bumpers redesigned and equipped with vents of large dimension. The ventilation pipes of the brakes talk about the braking system that has been improved. On the back of the car, we note the emergence of a diffuser and a spoiler much bigger than that of the GT3, something that would be translated into a better down force. About the interior, it will be a Spartan one, identical to that from a GT3 stock.


The engine of the new GT3 RS will be the same of 6-cylinder boxer and 3.8-liter volume, only in the case of RS, the power will increase from 469 to 500 horsepower. Most likely, that the acceleration from zero to the first hundred on the quadrants will fall below 3.5 seconds. But not the sprint, but the impeccable road holding is the advantage of this model! Porsche announces that will be standard offered the PDK gearbox and for those who focus on a manual gearbox, optional will be made available one with seven speeds.v

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