Tech Art’s Smooth Porsche 911 Design

Porsche 911 TechArt

But don’t expect those usual crazy mods that TechArt is known for. This time they kept things on the low and made the 911 a bit more stylish and cool.

TechArt is a sucker for insane body kits and power boosters for Porsche 911. They create incredible cars with many horses. To everyone’s surprise, the latest 911 got a very subtle treatment. The tuners added a few simple modifications, a set of new wheels and removed all the badges. That’s it!

Porsche 911 TechArt

However, they promised to get back to insane mods for the next year’s Geneva Motor Show where they plan to present a new 911 Carrerra, Targa and Turbo.TechArt says that the tuning kits for the 2016 Geneva Motor Show will include exhaust systems, high-performance kits and carbon fiber elements.

Porsche 911 TechArtPorsche 911 TechArt

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