Toyota accused of murder after a Camry accelerated unintentionally! The damage amounts to 11 million dollars!

Do you remember the massive recall of more than 10 million Toyota cars? It was about the models produced in 2009-2010 and they recalled them to remove the causes of unintended acceleration. Apparently Toyota will have to pay damages of 11 million dollars for a single case which resulted in an accident where two people lost their lives!

The story begins in 2006, when a driver named Kua Fong Lee rammed a car in an intersection because the acceleration pedal jammed and she could not stop the car. Back then, the jury found her guilty and sentenced her to jail for manslaughter.

A few years later, however, Toyota announced a massive recall and the reason was “unintended acceleration”. This is when the defendant Kua Fong Lee saw her escape and demanded a retrial, but this time Toyota was prosecuted.

After investigations, it was concluded that the Toyota Camry she was driving could have been among the first cars with this flaw that led to the deaths of two men, father and son! A judge ruled that Japanese automobile manufacturer is guilty of the tragic accident in proportion of 60% and the driver is guilty in only 40%.

Thus, Toyota was forced to pay moral and material damages in the amount of 11 million dollars and the woman in question was released from prison.

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