The war in Syria makes Toyota look bad. Representatives of the Ministry of Finance from USA asked Toyota’s management to explain how it was possible that the militants of “Islamic State” are driving Toyotas equipped with machine guns. This happened following a study that found that ISIS fighters like Japanese pick-ups and SUVs, writes ABC News

According to a US television channel, dedicated to combating terrorist financing, US officials from the Finance Ministry sent an official request to Toyota to get an answer about how their cars became so popular among terrorists.


Officials from Toyota said they did not have information on this subject. “We have provided the American Finance Ministry data about our logistical routes in the Middle East and the procedures that Toyota uses to ensure security of supply,” – said Ed Lewis, the representative of the corporation.

He pointed out that Toyota does not sell “cars to potential buyers who may use them for military or terrorist use”, adding that militants usually drive older models. Recently it was established that Toyota Hilux and Toyota Land Cruiser with weapons or fighters appeared in several videos banned in Russia. ABC writes that after the occupation of the Syrian city of Raqqa, rebel forces entered city streets in jeeps, of which more than two thirds were made by Toyota.

According to the Iraqi ambassador to the United States, the militants seized a number of old cars, but also managed to obtain “hundreds” of new SUVs. Saad Maan, a brigadier of Iraqi forces, said that there are dealers suspected of supplying off-road vehicles outside Iraq.