This monster of 36,000 horsepower is capable of breaking the asphalt, literally! (VIDEO)

The spectacular images were surprised in a unique show, guaranteed by the Shockwave truck. The jet engines of the train had pulled out a flame so powerful that it blew a piece of the runway asphalt.


At least that is seen in a video recently uploaded on the YouTube channel. It is clear that this truck named Shockwave, is considered the fastest in the world, equipped with three Pratt & Whitney jet engines J34-48, producing not less than 36,000 hp.

The maximum speed of this monster truck is about 376 kmph. With such a drive truck also needs a high braking power. For this Shockwave turn with confidence to the two military parachutes whose braking force is -9G!

Interesting to note is the fact that the tank of the shockwave is provided with 720 liters that is sufficient for a sprint from zero to 402 meters (the truck consumes about 680 liters). Earlier this head-tractor of four tons was filmed in a race against an airplane!

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