It was shown for the first time at the Frankfurt Auto Show.  It really is a whole new car and this second generation car is based on the MQB platform!  MQB is a shared modular platform for all new VW models and features a transverse engine and many features that will make the cars easier to maintain, lighter weight and more efficient.

VW has pulled out all the stops on this one, with four versions, the sporty Tiguan “R-Line,  the classic on-road model, an off-road version and the Tiguan GTE, a concept vehicle with a plug in hybrid drive (160Kw/218PS).

New Tiguan offers a broad range of eight engines; their power outputs range from 85 kW  and 115 hp to 176 kW  and  240 hp. The engines are more powerful and up to 24% more fuel- efficient than those of the previous model.

The new  all-wheel drive Active Control system also makes it easier than ever to individually adapt  to all possible use conditions.

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