Volkswagen squeezes about 270 horsepower from a 1.0 liter engine in three cylinders!

Germany announces a new offensive in the segment of the motors and the modern technologies.

So after Audi presented the most “suitable” cylindrical volume for a number of horsepower, Volkswagen wants to convince us of the opposite of that statement, presenting a 1000cc engine and 270 horsepower!

It is the same 1.0 liter unit, presented on the SEAT Ibiza facelift model or Volkswagen Polo, but according to the high-performance components, the (return/yield) of the little three-cylinder engine has increased significantly.

Approximately up to 272 PS, or 268 horsepower and 270 Nm of torque. These performances have been obtained thankfully to the new generation of turbo-blown, all-electric, which can provide an instant boost without losses of energy resulted from exhaust manifold.

So far the Germans were quick to tell us about under which hood of model we could see the new engine, but according to some voices, it “risks” to be shown only on some experimental prototypes, as in the case of Volkswagen XL1.

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