Buick Luna

New Buick Luna comes as an offer of the re-badged version of Opel’s Astra. Even if there is nothing officially confirmed yet, artist Cameron Bresn, has already designed a Buick that might compete withVolkswagen Golf.

The rendered design is dubbed Luna and it features a futuristic and sleek design. The model has got two doors and four seats. It is designed for year 2025.

Buick LunaNowadays’ cars have started being created in order to meet the requirements of high levels of comfort. That is why Luna features a cabin having multi-purpose configurations – normal driving and autonomous driving. The seats of the car can easily recline in order for you to feel comfortable.

Buick LunaIf this small Buick looks like the rendering, we would definitely want it.

Buick Luna Buick Luna Buick Luna Buick Luna Buick Luna