Toyota Troopy

Our wishes from childhood are, in most of the cases, available until we become grown-ups. This means that, if we wanted a car when we were kids, we might buy that one when we grow up. How about Toyota Troopy? It might be the right one for your childhood wishes.

This car is a 1981 Toyota Land Cruiser with a long-wheelbase FJ45. The model is also recognized by the name Troopy. This car has been used as a mean of transport for the Colombian National Guard, an NGO for troubled teens and a local university. The FJ Company managed to find this car and restore it and adjust it.

Toyota TroopyAs soon as it got to the repair shop, it finished it in Toyota OEM beige, fitted a custom soft top, updated the exterior lighting with LEDs, updated the suspension with Old Man Emu components, trimmed the interior in tan vinyl, changed the old badges and provided the car with modern air conditioning and audio systems. The 3F engine was also updated together with automatic transmission.

Toyota TroopyThe perfectly restored car is now owned by a customer from Texas. He can accomplish his childhood dreams now, but we really think there were lots of people eager to own this toy of our happy moments. At least we think it’s a good idea instead of a birthday cake.

Toyota Troopy Toyota Troopy Toyota Troopy Toyota Troopy