Chinese straddling bus

The Chinese straddling bus was the hope for the future.  It represented the latest technologies in urban transportation, but it was left like this after a couple of months.

The bus hasn’t moved in months. According to the mass media, the bus is staying in the middle of the street with some security guards taking care of it. And that is all that it is doing.

Chinese straddling busThe bus named Transport Elevated Bus has performed its first test in front of the whole audience and mass media back in August. The test was based on a 1,000 feet (300 meter) stretch of public road. It was a special zone that they were allowed to use in Qinhuangdao.

Chinese straddling busThe expectations for this kind of public transport were really high. It seemed a great idea to have a powerful bus that could pass over the top of two lanes of traffic.

Chinese straddling busOf course there are pros and cons. The disadvantages referred to the way of driving – on rails, so this was basically a tram. The Chinese driving rules let cars of almost 14 feet (4.2 meters) on the road, but the TEB was around seven feet (2.1 meters) of clearance under the “hull”. The bus was also able to run only in a straight line and it weighed a lot. Another important fact was the lack of emergency exits.

Chinese straddling busTo be more exact about the disadvantages, the bus was on tires run by gutters and rails. The whole thing and show was nothing more than a huge fraud.

Chinese straddling busSince its first test, the bus has been standing on the street. The company managed to extinct the rent of the road, actually half of it for one more year. This means nothing more than the fact that the local people will have to get familiar with the bus in the road until the end of August.