Dodge Challenger

What is the first thing you say when you happen to hit your Dodge Challenger? Correct, I want a beer. This is what happened in Rocky River, Ohio last week. A man slammed its car into a convenience store and he knew he wanted a beer.

Based on the reports, the driver was Robert Mason, aged 45 and he crashed his car into the store and then ran into the store’s beer cooler.

After the police arrived at the place of the accident, they found out that the man was suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder caused by his previous work in the military.

The authorities arrested Mason for breaking a Taser. After this incident, he faces reckless operation and OVI. He was pretty lucky as nobody got injured during the car crash.

A store employee mentioned that he was lucky he got pushed back by the deli case, or else he could have been dead. It was a matter of time and some slight details.

According to Rocky River Police Chief Kelly Stillman, the car is pretty heavy as it has thousands of pounds and he was driving around 40 mph. So everything here is about luck.