3D technologies improve the quality of life. This is the policy of LayerLAB studio and its research branch. They are working on creating new applications which will increase the chances of a better life, and will give the opportunity to the users to participate in the design process. The 3D printed wheelchair is the first project that provides that information.

Studio Layer and Benjamin Hubert designed the first 3D-printed wheelchair, called GO. This made-to-measure wheelchair will better meet the necessities of any disability and body shape, as it uses the exact measurements of the patient to precisely print the seat and the foot bay. This will help reduce injury and will definitely offer better comfort, support and flexibility. The customer will be given the option to be a participant in the process of creating his Go wheelchair by using the complementary applications. They can choose the color ant the patterns, as well as any other additional elements.

wheelchairAccording to Materialise managing director, the Go Wheelchair is the perfect sample of using 3D technologies for a better quality of life, as it offers ‘mass customization and personalization” of goods. In Philip Hudson’s opinion the 3D-printed wheelchair is a project with huge future potential.