Donald Trump's Cars

US presidential candidate, the eccentric billionaire Donald Trump has an impressive list comprising real estate, private planes and helicopters; moreover, he has recently bought a yacht. A different story is the businessman’s cars. Here are Donald Trump’s cars.

“For a business every dollar is important as well as every 10 cents. You might call it petty. Meanwhile, I will always find the time to compare prices, regardless of the fact what I intend to buy – a car or a toothbrush, “- confessed the businessman in an early interview.

Donald Trump's CarsTrump’s rival in the election does not have such a car collection. Hillary Clinton acquired a blue Oldsmobile Cutlass Ciera sedan in 1986. After her husband Bill became US president and his family moved into the White House, the car was sold. There is the regulation that the first person in the country and his family falls under the protection of the Secret Service, and according to one of the conditions they are no longer able to drive a car themselves. Moreover, this extends to the period after the end of the presidential term. Recently Hillary regretfully admitted that she hasn’t been behind the wheel since 1996.

Meanwhile, Trump is clearly not saving on his cars and remains loyal to the same brand. Furthermore, the presidential candidate, who has promised to make America great again, in is not always patriotic the choice of a car.

Rolls-Royce Silver Cloud

“After graduating from the New York Military Academy in 1964, I was thinking about entering the film school … but in the end decided that property is a more profitable business”, – writes Trump in his book “Art of the Deal”. At the age of 22, he began working in his father’s firm and three years later headed it. Trump’s first major project was the 68-storey Trump Tower on Fifth Avenue in Manhattan, built in 1983. Since then, the “nominal” elite skyscrapers have become Trump’s hallmark on par with his eccentric behavior, turning him into a real movie character. His first car, the Rolls-Royce Silver Cloud of the 1956 release, was chosen in the spirit of this very image. This old-fashioned maroon limousine featuring a 6-cylinder engine launched Trump’s love for the British brand.

Donald Trump's CarsRolls-Royce Phantom

It was June last year that Trump entered the fight for the US Presidency under the slogan “Let’s make America great again.” Americans joke that if he wins the election, the number one car will not be the Cadillac, nicknamed “The Beast”, but the Rolls-Royce. In any case, the Republican nominee has bought himself one. The new black Phantom was photographed during transportation, and thanks to the invoice, the price of the all options car has become known, namely the price of $507 950. Later, Trump appeared in public driving his new limousine.

Donald Trump's CarsCadillac Trump Golden Series

Trump likes to say that he is a private company, which value no one knows. Foreign developers are paying for the right to call their building in his honor. At different times, his name was found on products such as tea, vodka and even meat. In the late 1980s, Cadillac decided to create a special series of elongated Cadillac limousines. The vehicles were named after Trump and had to be produced in two versions: regular Executive Series and luxury Golden Series. It wasn’t GM that dealt with the design, but Dillinger Coach Works studio, named in honor of the legendary gangster John Staluppi, the company owner, who was suspected of having links with the Mafia. The interior of the “Cadillacs” was finished with rosewood, featuring a mini-bar, fax, TV with VCR, telephone and even a shredder for documents. On the exterior, the car exhibited a higher roof, a demand of the owner with an unusual hairstyle, and a grille in the Rolls-Royce design. The limousine of the Golden Series was set apart by the gold chrome and the strips on the tires of the same color. Trump originally planned to order fifty limousines and even received an Allante convertible as a gift from the automaker, but in the end he only bought one for his father. The deal was constantly postponed until Donald bankruptcy in 1991. And the production of “trumpomobiles” was limited two prototypes.

Donald Trump's CarsAcura NSX

His affair with the photographic model, Marla Maples, cost Trump his political career, subsequently his image was undermined by the divorce process. Anyway, his first wife Ivana is sure of that. In 1991 he gave the supercar Acura NSX to Marl, who he subsequently marries. Last year, the black car was put on eBay. The mid-engine model with an aluminum body was developed by Honda with the participation of legendary racer Ayrton Senna. Thanks to a three-liter motor, the NSX accelerated to 100 km / h in five seconds. The popularity of the car forced Quentin Tarantino to replace the Harvey Keitel’s car in “Pulp Fiction”: instead of the Porsche 911, he received the Japanese supercar.

Donald Trump's CarsMercedes-Benz SLR McLaren

In 2004, the billionaire ordered a Mercedes-Benz SLR McLaren supercar, the car was delivered straight to Trump Tower skyscraper in New York City. According to rumors, the car was designed for Trump’s third wife Melanie. The carbon fiber SLR was developed in conjunction with the British McLaren and with his help Mercedes-Benz went back up in the supercar segment. The turbocharged V8 engine delivered 626-hp and accelerated the car to 100 km / h in less than 4 seconds. The top speed reached 334 km per hour. However, this project did not become as successful as it was expected: car sales have not reached the planned 3.5 thousand examples.

Donald Trump's CarsLamborghini Diablo

“The second most important event in the life of every man is the day when he buys a boat, and the greatest event in his life is the day he sells it,” these Trump words are quite applicable to expensive cars. For example, the all-wheel drive 1997Lambroghini Diablo VT model with an engine power of almost 500 hp. The Blue Roadster, which was once owned by Trump, was put up for sale last year. This year he again was looking for a new owner, and, on the wave of interest in the elections, the price of the vehicle rose from $299,000 to $460,000.

Donald Trump's CarsChevrolet Camaro

In 2011, the reborn Chevrolet Camaro model was to be a safety car to race in the Indianapolis 500. The convertible of the SS version featuring a 6.2-liter V8 engine with 426-hp was painted in the colors of the historical 1969model. General Motors planned to put Donald Trump behind the wheel of the car during the opening of the race. Trump gained fame thanks to the television show “The Candidate.” At the last moment he was replaced by the legendary racer AJ Foyt.

Donald Trump's Cars