Mitsubishi XM Concept

The Mitsubishi XM Concept has been holding the headlines of the Indonesian International Auto Showroom this year. This is because it teases the upcoming MPV of the brand.

From some angles, the Mitsubishi XM concept is very much alike the 2015 eX concept, but it still has a strong personality.

Mitsubishi XM ConceptThe SUV is bigger than eX, all of its details being much more imposing than its predecessor, except for the wheels, which are smaller. There is a higher rear tailgate, with a less streamlined roof and roof racks on top of the car. One might even think that this is the production version of eX, but Mitsubishi is still calling it a concept.

Mitsubishi XM ConceptThe interior of the XM Concept hosts 3 rows of seats, enough to ensure a comfortable ride to 7 people. There aren’t any pictures of the interior of the car, but judging by the details that have been made public, there will probably be a lot of sun light inside of the car.

Mitsubishi XM ConceptThe brand has also confirmed the production of a small MPV. The design will be similar to the XM Concept and will be produced in an Indonesian facility. The MPV will enter production in October, 2017.

Mitsubishi XM Concept