Mitsubishi Hyaku

Mitsubishi Motors seems to have resurrected under Nissan’s patronage, since it was left way behind the race among Japanese automakers. And this Mitsubishi Hyaku concept is proof of that.

Mitsubishi Motors marks its 100th anniversary this year, and on this occasion, designer Gabor Farkas prepared some news in terms of design for car lovers.

Mitsubishi HyakuThe Hyaku concept presents a rather futuristic self-driving electric coupe. It is characterized by minimalistic unadorned lines, highlighted by Mitsubishi specific LED strips and chrome details.

Mitsubishi HyakuThere is also a wide luggage space under the front hood of the new concept, offering the vehicle a dynamic silhouette, reminding of a high-speed Shinkansen train.

Mitsubishi HyakuWe might compare the Hyaku to a Nissan GT-R in terms of size if we judge in the light of the Renault-Nissan Alliance in electric vehicles.

Mitsubishi Hyaku